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Concerned Parents  Report © is dedicated to reporting information and imparting knowledge to parents so they can empower their children to make the healthiest choice for their reproductive health - living a  chaste lifestyle



Why We Have This Website:

Parents love their children, want what is best for them, and want to protect them from harm. 

It sounds simple, yet accomplishing those goals can be quite a challenge.  From the earliest moment as parents when we become aware we have a child, we change our behavior in terms of what we eat so as not to harm the baby during the pregnancy.  After the birth, we make sure our child sleeps on his or her back, we remove bumper pads from cribs, and keep diapers changed to prevent rashes. As they become more mobile, we "baby-proof" our homes. Once schools starts, we make sure they have everything they need to succeed, and we ensure that they get the best education possible.  When they begin to drive, we make sure they are safe and mature enough to handle that responsibility.  When it comes to sexual activity we want to make sure they are safe from sexually transmitted infections and avoid teen pregnancies.

In the 1960s and 1970s, two sexually transmitted infections and diseases, Syphilis and Gonorrhea were the main concern of a risky sexual lifestyle.  In those days, penicillin would take care of those infections.  In the 1980s and 1990s, parents became primarily concerned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and sky rocketing teen pregnancy rates.

Now parents need to be concerned about 26 known sexually transmitted infections that can turn into incurable diseases that cause cancer, infertility, or death.  Some may think that promoting the use of a condom completely protects their children.  Though condoms provide some protection, they do not eliminate the risk completely.  This is a dangerous and unhealthy situation in the middle of a medically know teenage epidemic of sexually transmitted infections. A teen's possible exposure to sexually transmitted diseases is tremendous.

However, without a doubt, the safest and healthiest way to simultaneously eliminate the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection and a teenage pregnancy is by helping your child to recognize the value and necessity of living a chaste lifestyle in today's society.  The goal of this website is to equip you with the tools to assist in this area of parenting.

Who We Are:

Real Alternatives is nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable corporation founded in 1996.  From its very beginning, Real Alternatives has been at the forefront of promoting a safe,  healthy, and responsible lifestyle for teens and young adults.  In light of the medically known epidemic of sexually transmitted infections and diseases in our teen and young adult population, combined with the known failure of contraceptives to prevent teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, Real Alternatives has consistently promoted and encouraged living a chaste lifestyle as the healthiest lifestyle for single teens and young adults.

Though contraceptives have some success in lowering the risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, none of them prevent or eliminate the risk entirely. The repercussions of this failure can be devastating physically, mentally, and emotionally.   Real Alternatives encourages behavior modification (chaste lifestyle) as safer than behavior accommodation (contraceptives) for teens and young adults.

Our Experience:

Real Alternatives, as a part of its corporate activities, administers the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program for the states of  Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana.

The Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Programs in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana are made up of a statewide or regional network of social service agencies, pregnancy support centers, maternity residences and adoption agencies that offer comprehensive, life-affirming alternatives to abortion to women dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

Service Providers with 95 centers located throughout Pennsylvania, 19 centers in Michigan, and 18 centers in Indiana are staffed with fully trained, caring and compassionate counselors.  These Service Providers are non-discriminatory, non-profit organizations that are monitored annually to ensure compliance with Department of Public Welfare standards.

We have served over 270,000 women since the program began in March 1996. Through their counselors, the centers offer free and confidential support, encouragement, guidance and practical assistance to women so they do not need to choose abortion. These agencies offer counseling, referrals and material aid to women experiencing a crisis pregnancy as well as abstinence education.

The Healthiest Choice:

Based on the serious dangers of today's sexually transmitted infection dangers, medical science and common sense have shown that the healthiest choice for teens and young adults is to live a chaste lifestyle by abstaining from sexual activity until marriage.

By informing teens and young adults of the dangers of a risky sexual lifestyle and encouraging resistance skills, parents can effectively lower or prevent the risk that their child will become involved in a teenage pregnancy and/or become infected with a sexually transmitted infection which can lead to disease.

Today's teens need our help more than ever!  They are bombarded with so many more dangerous, false and misleading messages from the present society than we ever were as young adults. Today's parents can help their teens by teaching and encouraging resistance skills in order to keep their children from the harm of today's world.  By promoting and continually encouraging resistance skills, parents can help their teen accomplish three healthy goals[3]

  • First, delay initiation of intercourse;
  • Second, reduce the number of partners they have if they are already sexually active; and
  • Third, decrease the frequency of intercourse they have if they are already sexually active. 

Accomplishing anyone of these goals logically results in a reduction in the risks of  pregnancy, births, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV.[4]  Science has shown that there is only one way for a parent to prevent their teen from becoming pregnant and from becoming infected with a sexually transmitted infection and disease....that is by promoting resistance skills learned in chastity education to our children.


Concerned Parents Report is dedicated  to reporting information and imparting knowledge to parents so they can empower their children to make the healthiest choice for their reproductive health - living a chaste lifestyle.

[1] “The United States currently spends just $1 to prevent sexually transmitted diseases for every $43 spent treating the 12 million cases diagnosed each year… teenagers suffer a staggering 3 million cases a year.   STDs are labeled  hidden epidemic, The Harrisburg Patriot, Nov. 20, 1996, A5.

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