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                        Health Consequences of Contraceptive Use

Cancer Cardiovascular & Other Problems Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Long-term Use of Oral Contraceptives Increases the Risks of Certain Cancers [1]
  • Oral Contraceptives Associated with Breast Cancer  [2] [3] [4]
  • Long-term Use of Oral Contraceptives Early in Life Increases Risk of Breast Cancer [5]
  • Oral Contraceptives and Hormone Replacement Therapy Associated with Breast Cancer [6]
  • Oral Contraceptives Increase Risk of Cervical Cancer [7]
  • Hormone Therapy Trial Stopped Due to Increased Cancers and Heart Disease [8]
  • Hormonal Contraception (Evra Patch) and the Risk of Death [9]
  • Oral Contraceptives Can Increase the Risk of Heart Attack [10]
  • Birth Control Pills Linked to Artery-Clogging Plaques [11]
  • Progestin-Only Contraceptives Increase Risk of Diabetes in Women [12]
  • Oral Contraceptives Can Increase Risk of Strokes in "Migrainous Women" [13]
  • Risk of Blood Clots Tied to Hormonal Contraceptives  [14]  [ 15]  [16]
  • Users have significantly lower levels of important vitamins [17]


  • The Pill Does Not Prevent STDs [18]

  • Condoms Do Not Prevent Common STDs [19]  [20]

  • Condom's Do Not Eliminate Risk of HIV [21]                              

  • Hormonal contraception may increase susceptibility to HIV-1 infection.[22]







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