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Proof Abstinence Education Works

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(2008) More Teens Are Abstaining From Sex Than in the 90s (1)

(2007) Abstinence Education Programs Reduce Teen Sexual Activity (2)

(2007) Abstinence-Only Programs Effective in Protecting Teens from Consequences of Unwed Sex (3)

(2007) Number of Students Having Sex Dropping & Adolescent Birth Rate at Record Low (4)

(2006) Teens Embrace Abstinence Message After Program (5)

(2005) Girls in Abstinence Program 6.5 Times Less Likely to Have Sex before Marriage (6)

(2005) "Best Friends" Reduce Girls' Chances of Engaging in Risky Behaviors (7)
(2005) Abstinent Teens Enjoy Greater Academic Success (8)
(2004) Abstinence Accounts for 67% Decrease in Teen Pregnancies During the 1990's (9)
(2003) Abstinence is Responsible for 53% of Decrease in Teen Pregnancy Rates During the 1990's  (10)
(2002) Abstinence is Viewed as Healthy Personal Choice by Teens When Given Facts (11)
(2002) Abstinence Education Programs Effective in Reducing Sexual Activity (12)
(2001) Virginity Pledges Delay First Intercourse in Adolescents (13)

(1996) Fewer Teens Sexually Active One Year After Abstinence Education  (14)

(1995) Abstinence program Successfully Changes Teens' Attitudes About Sex (15)




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