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Summary: Good Father-Daughter Relationships Delays Daughters Sexual Debut

Study found that better relationships with their fathers significantly curbed the likelihood of experiencing first sex for adolescent girls, regardless of age, between two waves of the study.

  • Previous studies have consistently shown that adolescents from biologically intact, two parent families exhibit lower levels of sexual experience than do their counterparts from martially disrupted families. A study published in the Journal of Family Issues thus considered the influence of the parent-child relationship on adolescent virginity status. Data for their analysis came from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (AddHealth) and was a nationally representative sample of teens in grades 7 through 12 (total of 2,368 respondents). The adolescents were interviewed/surveyed once in 1995 (Wave I), and then again once year later in 1996 (Wave II). Results showed that teenage girls that reported a satisfactory father-daughter relationship exhibited a 20% reduction in the likelihood of experiencing first sex between study waves. However, this finding was not the same for teenage boys. For boys, a strong influence comes by way of romantic partners. For each additional romantic partner a boy reported the odds of first sex increased by 88%. Additionally for boys, anticipated guilt decreased the likelihood of first sex by 35%. No considerable parent-child relationship effect emerged between adolescent boys and either parent. Although this study did not find that a daughter's relationship with her mother predicts sexual debut, a girl's relationship with her father matters a great deal.1

1The Parent-Child Relationship and Opportunities for Adolescents' First Sex, Journal of Family Issues, 27(2), pp. 159-183..

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