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Summary: Parents Make Teens Happy

Most young people find that their relationships with their parents makes them happy and many also view one or both of their parents has their heroes.

  • Recently, an extensive survey (conducted by the Associated Press and MTV) of more than 100 questions was asked of 1,280 people ages 13-24 regarding the general nature of happiness among America's young people. The survey also focused on the importance of relationships with parents, friends, and significant others. About three-quarters of the young people polled said that their relationship with their parents makes them happy. When asked to name their heroes, nearly half of the respondents mentioned one or both of their parents (29% said their mothers, 21% said their fathers, and 16% said their "parents"). Other heroes mentioned were God (more than 10%), teachers (nearly 5%) and members of military, policemen, and firefighters. When asked about money, almost none of the respondents said that money made them happy. In regards to religion, close to half of those polled said that religion and spirituality was very important to them. More than half said that they believe there is a higher power that has an influence over things that make them happy.1

1The Associated Press-MTV Poll Conducted by Knowledge Networks, Associated Press, April 16-23, 2007, pp. 1-81.

2Poll: Family Ties Key to Happy Kids, Associated Press, Fox News, August 19, 2007

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