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Summary: Mothers: Silence is Acceptance?

Adolescent females whose mothers do not vocalize disapproval of them having sex face a higher odd of being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection or disease.

  • An analysis of Add Health data found that adolescents'' previous infection with an STD was the most likely predictor of subsequent infection. Therefore, teaching preventative behaviors to adolescents newly diagnosed with an STD would be an effective means of preventing further infection. The study also found that girls whose mothers did not disapprove of their daughters having sex were more likely to report having an STD. Girls who reported that adults care about them were one-third less likely to report having an STD. Notably, condom use at first or most recent intercourse had no bearing on reported STDs.1

1Longitudinal Prediction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Adolescents: Results from a National Survey, American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 2000, 18 (4).

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