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Summary: Girls in Abstinence Program 6.5 Times Less Likely to Have Sex before Marriage

Research has shown that junior high and middle school-aged girls in the Best Friends program compared with their peers in DC public schools are six and a half times less likely to have sex before marriage.

  • According to an article published on the organizations’ website, a program called the Best Friends Foundation operates programs nationwide for teenage girls and boys in order to help promote self-respect and build character by providing skills, guidance and support to choose abstinence from sex until marriage and reject illegal drug and alcohol use. This program has been recognized by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Secretary of Education Rod Paige, and the DC Public Schools. Peer-reviewed scientific research of the Best Friends program shows that compared to their peers, junior high and middle school-aged girls in the program are six and a half times less likely to have sex, about two times less likely to drink alcohol, eight times less likely to use drugs, and more than two times less likely to smoke. For boys involved in Best Friends program, when compared to their eighth grade peers, their drug use is 33% lower, their alcohol use is 22% lower, and their sexual activity is 20% lower. Research indicates that students who believe that they have a place to belong and support from friends are more likely to reject premarital sex, drugs, and alcohol. The Best Friends Foundation focuses primarily on reducing risk behaviors in youth and is also keenly aware of the importance of cultivating the factors which contribute to youth success-specifically, positive peer groups, feelings of “connectedness” with the school, and personal guidance from adults.1

1Best Friends Results, Best Friends Foundation, 2005, pp. 1-3.

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