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Summary: Abortion Does Not Save a Relationship

Most relationships between unmarried couples come apart after an abortion. Some women may also become involved in a violent relationship after an abortion because of feelings of self-hatred and low self-esteem.

  • According to the Elliot Institute News, many women choose abortion in hopes of saving their relationship or to try to keep their significant other from leaving them. However, most relationships between unmarried couples come apart after an abortion. Some other relationships do survive after an abortion but the couple is often bound together by grief. Even married couples are often driven apart by an abortion unless they are able to find a way to work through the grieving process together. Substantial statistical evidence and many case studies have also shown a link between abortion and domestic violence. A woman who is self-destructive or suicidal, but afraid to deliberately harm herself, may be more likely to become involved with a violent man. Because of self-hatred and low self-esteem, she may remain in the relationship because she thinks she doesn’t deserve anything better. Until men and women are provided with post-abortion healing, they are likely to remain trapped in cycles of violence.1

1Can Relationships Survive After Abortion?, The Elliot Institute News, October 25, 2005, pp. 1-2.

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