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Summary: Researchers Defend  Link Between Abortion and Subsequent Substance Abuse

In response to criticism of a study linking abortion to subsequent substance abuse during pregnancy, researchers noted that 64% of women dated the onset of substance abuse to within three years of their abortion.

  • Several  researchers from the Alan Guttmacher Institute criticized a study by David Reardon et al that establishes a link between abortion and subsequent substance abuse. The critics claim the study is flawed due to women's under-reporting of abortion and that it may be other factors altogether that lead to both substance abuse and abortion. Reardon et al defend their research by noting studies controlling for prior substance abuse have shown abortion to be associated with subsequent substance abuse. Citing an artible in their original study, the researchers reminded the critics from the Alan Guttmacher Institute that 64% of women dated the onset of their substance abuse to within three years of their abortion.1

1A History of Induced Abortion in Relation to Substance Abuse During Subsequent Pregnancies Carried to Term. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2003, 189(2) 617-618.

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